Achieve Your Fitness Goals with Group Exercise

Take your exercise up a notch! Join a group fitness class at our gym in Ajax and connect with others who are committed to getting in shape and having fun.

Personal Training

We want you to get results. And for most of us, getting expert advice and support makes the journey safer, more effective and way more fun.

Energize Your Workout with Cardio Training at our Ajax Location

Cardio training, exercise that increases your heart rate and jump-starts your metabolism, is the foundation of a great workout.

Once your heart is pumping at its target rate, you’ll begin to burn off those unwanted calories and that drop that unwelcome fat.

At our gym in Ajax, you’ll find a variety of machines — like treadmills, bikes, and cross trainers – to get you moving. Each is equipped with a television monitor for viewing the programs you enjoy while you exercise. Work at your own pace and as you’re comfortable, whether that’s slow and steady or blazing fast.

Want results? Get serious about your fitness with cardio training at our women's only gym in Ajax.

Circuit Training at Ajax Fitness Center

When it comes to fitness and weight loss, mixing it up to keep your muscles guessing is essential. Our Ajax gym offers circuit training - a quick and effective, full body workout.

Circuit training in Ajax isn't just alternating between a machine and cardio. We organize the equipment starting from large muscles to smaller muscles in an easy to follow routine. We also have an ab routine and butt and thigh section. All ideal for woman to work out in an easy to follow routine.

Squeeze in these quick workouts before work or over lunch. You’ll rev your heart rate for improved oxygen distribution, super charge your muscles for increased strength, and energize your body for calorie burn long after you leave the club.

What are you waiting for? Jump on the circuit at our gym in Ajax today!




Strength Training at our Gym in Ajax

Whether you’re a gym beginner or a fitness enthusiast, pump up your routine with strength training at the Womens Fitness Clubs of Canada in Ajax. Our strength training studio features the equipment you need – like free weights, single station plate-loaded and selectorized machines — to burn calories, tone muscles, and build strength.

Work out your legs, triceps, biceps, calves, back and chest muscles – the equipment you choose is up to you. A personal trainer can direct you to the most effective strength workout for your goals — or combine your strength training with cardio/aerobics for an amazing workout for improved overall fitness and health.

Get started with strength training at our Ajax gym today!

Relax and Unwind in Our Dry Sauna

Life is busy, and we get it. After a tough workout or a difficult day, there’s nothing better than a little time for relaxation. The dry sauna at our Ajax gym is a great way to unwind and let go of all your tension and stress.

Our dry sauna offers plenty of room to stretch out and take a breather. The dry heat encourages your body to release harmful toxins while you focus on calming your mind and restoring your body.

Who knew a sauna could be so good for you! Unlock these amazing health benefits today at our gym in Ajax.

Clean, Comfortable Locker Rooms

Our ladies-only gym in Ajax brings comfort and convenience to every workout with clean and secure locker room facilities. Stow your belongings in lockers equipped with digital locks that reset after each use; enjoy private showers and complementary shampoo, soap, Q-tips and cotton balls.

The locker room area also features a dry sauna for relaxation pre- or post-exercise. Relax, refresh, and go on about your day after a great workout at our Ajax gym!