Promenade Trainer of the Month: Deborah Kim

Meet our incredible WFCC Promenade Trainer of the Month: Deborah Kim!

Deborah is a Master Level Personal Trainer. She believes that BALANCE is the key to a healthy lifestyle. A balanced diet, workout and social life are important factors to a HEALTHY and HAPPY life! She believes in teaching individuals how to safely exercise to achieve their fitness goals.

Deborah’s clients include those who are new to training and to those are looking for that extra push to get back into shape. She has experience working with obese and overweight women and specialize in training those who are recovering from injury (especially back injury).

To book a session with Deborah, just click here and get in touch – or call WFCC Promenade at 905-731-1520. Or you could WIN one of two FREE personal training sessions with Deborah… read on for how!

My top 5 workout songs:

1. Blurred Lines – Robin Thicke ft. Pharell
2. Titanium – David Guetta ft. Sia
3. Danza Kaduro – Don Omar & Lucenzo
4. Sexy and I know it – LMFAO
5. Give Me Everything – Ne-Yo ft. Pitbull

My Exercises of the Week:

TRX Single Leg Squat
Grab handles, lean back about 45 degrees. Keep arms straight, shoulders down, squat down making sure the weight is on your heel. Return to starting position by keeping your back as straight as you can.


TRX Push Up
Grab handles, lean forward about 45 degrees. Start with your arms straight then slowly lower yourself until your elbows are about 90 degrees. Then return to starting position under control. Change feet position to change difficulty.

Balance Board Plank
Place hands at the ends of the board. Balancing yourself, get in to a plank position, chest should be right over the board. Make sure to engage your core muscles and keep your back straight.


Lat Pull Down
Grasp handles slightly wider than your shoulders. Keeping your back straight, pull the bar down to about chin level or a little lower in a smooth movement while squeezing your shoulders together. Slowly bring the bar up until your arms are straight, don’t let the shoulders shrug up.

Favourite Piece of Equipment: TRX
I enjoy working on the TRX because of the variety of exercises I can do on the single piece of equipment. You can work your whole body by using just your own weight and gravity. No matter what your fitness level is, exercises can be modified for beginners or made challenging for the experienced!

So, when’s your FREE demo?

Wednesday June 26th @ 10:30am. I hope everyone can make it out – it’ll be a great time!

Want to work with Deborah? You could WIN a free personal training session to get you started! To enter, all you have to do is “LIKE” us on Facebook if you haven’t already, and LIKE the photo of Deborah we’ve posted to announce her selection as Promenade Trainer of the Month. We’ll draw a winner on Monday, June 17th!