Stay Hydrated! Easy Ways To Drink More Water


Before you read this, stop and grab yourself a glass of water! Water is life. In fact, a healthy adult human body contains up to 60% water —that’s over two-thirds of our bodies! Staying properly hydrated is key to many basic bodily functions such as transporting nutrients throughout your system, keeping digestion regular, regulating body temperature, …

How much water do you really need?


It seems like every day, we hear that consuming eight glasses of water a day is best. But is that really the case? Not necessarily. In a recent study performed in Australia and published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine, dehydrated athletes who simply think they’re being rehydrated adequately perform no differently in physical …

Beat the Heat: Exercising Safely in Summer


After a long winter of spending 15 minutes gearing up before exercising outdoors so that you don’t freeze your nose off, summer exercise seems easy. All you could possibly need are sturdy shoes and simple clothes, right? Not so fast! Summer weather can be just as dangerous as the cold, snow and ice — especially …