pickering trainer of the month

Meet Lesa Snider, WFCC Pickering’s Trainer of the Month for July!


Meet this month’s fabulous Trainer of the Month at WFCC Pickering: Lesa Snider! Lesa has 5 years experience in the long distance running environment. She has not only participated in many half and full marathons, but has also coached many to accomplish their goals. She has worked at this club for the last year helping …

Pickering Trainer of the Month: Shari Coulter


Meet our fantastic Trainer of the Month at WFCC Pickering: Shari Coulter, CLPT! Shari¬†has been in the dance and fitness industry for over 20 years, and was the Director of the Shari Robinson’s School of Performing Arts for 13 years. Shari’s specialties include dance based workouts, weight loss programs and core training. She also designed …