Promenade Trainer of the Month: Josee Provencher

This month, we’re excited to announce that Josee Provencher at Promenade is our Trainer of the Month! We asked Josee some questions about her workout philosophy and routine, and here is what she had to say.

Q: What are your top five workout songs?

-The High Road ( Three days Grace)
– Follow the Leader ( Jennifer Lopez)
-Bright Lights Bigger City (Cee-Lo Green)
-Thirst ( City and Colour)
-Danza Kudoro ( Don Omar Ft Lucenzo)

Q: What are your top five moves for this month?

Glidding Pike: Engage your core, keep your neck aligned with your spine and pull with your core while keeping your legs straight!

TRX Hamtring curl and glute lift! Contract your glutes, engage your core and lift with control to bring your heels to your glutes and lift.

Arnold Press: engage the core, go slow, and keep your shoulders away from your ears!

Smith Machine lunge: Keep knee aligned over your feet, and throw your heels straight up and down.

Boxing: Don’t over extend your arms and do not lock your elbows!

Q: When is your next demo?

A: Friday May 10 at 9:00 AM!