Burlington Gym Offers Circuit Training at Burlington Fitness Club

We offer two circuit training options for an effective total body training program. With the newest Cybex circuit, you’re able to work all your major muscles in a simple to follow training circuit. For those who want a quick express circuit we offer the LifeFitness circuit series. Circuit Series requires no set-up adjustments and has intuitive push-button resistance selection, making it an excellent introduction to strength training and a great choice for circuit training workouts. Circuit Series is perfect for the active aging community, new exercisers or users looking for convenient and effective strength training.

We’ve also created two small training areas to focus additional energy on those hard to develop troubled areas for your ab’s, butt and thigh’s. We’ve made it easy by grouping a few machines for each area together so you can target them all at once.

If you are looking for motivation, check out our expansive selection of group fitness classes that offer a full body workout.

Get results. Try circuit training at Womens Fitness Clubs of Canada Burlington.