Women of all ages, shapes and sizes have been safely and comfortably introduced into our award winning facilities. We provide instruction and supervision to ensure a safe an effective way of reaching your health an fitness goals.
We currently offer an introductory signup for a FREE 3 day pass to new customers to come to our facility and to try all of our Womens Fitness Clubs amenities. Terms and conditions do apply. See gym for more details.
We believe that a quality fitness center should provide introductory instruction at no additional cost. Included with your membership are a fitness consultation and a one on one private Personal Training session with a certified Personal Trainer (a $95 value).
Two to three times per week, 45 minutes to an hour is all you need for most training programs and with our express circuit training we can develop an effective training program in 30 minutes or less.
We offer a risk free 14 day money back guarantee with all our membership options. If you are not 100% satisfied simply provide us with written notice prior to the end of your money back guarantee and your membership will be terminated and you will receive a full refund-no strings, no hassles.
We are proud of our facilities and with confidence we offer month to month memberships where you may terminate your agreement with 30 days notice.
All the Group Exercise classes are included and feature a vast array of classes from Zumba, yoga and cycle to staple classes like STEP or muscle mix. Our dynamic Instructors will have you sweating away all those unwanted calories in no time.
Not having men around should make your workout less intimidating and allow you to focus on your exercise program. Our equipment was chosen specifically for a woman’s body and most likely you won’t be required to remove heavy weights or wipe down sweaty equipment.
With the popularity and growth of the fitness industry there are many options to choose from. Ideally, you want to choose the facility you are most likely to use at the most affordable price. Here are some helpful hints to see the real picture and avoid the sales process:

  • Visit the club at the time you will be working out to see how busy they are and if they have staff monitoring the workout area to assist Members
  • Prior to joining, ask what the cooling off period is where you can cancel without penalty
  • Find out the qualifications of the staff that you will be using (child care, group exercise etc)
  • Try to interview a Member at the club to hear the real story.