Group Classes

Group Classes

Burn calories with high intensity group classes - from cycling and circuit training workouts to low impact yoga, hot yoga or pilates - come get motivate and reach your fitness goals with us!

We are currently not able to offer indoor group classes due to COVID restrictions. Please check back here for further updates.

ABS and Rock Bottoms
A fun packed 55 minutes designed to tone, build and strengthen the abdominal muscles. Abs Blast uses various skills and techniques to target the core muscles; including floor routines, full legs, glutes, quads, calf strengthen moves for all levels to try. This class will finish with a full body stretch at the end.

This class uses your body strength, body bar, light weights and mats to strengthen and tone your body. Through challenging and fun you will be exercising and experience core muscle strengthening, muscle toning, elongation of muscles and burning body fat. Our instructor will take you through a flow of powerful moves to an upbeat mix of music. This class is recommended for all levels.

Belly Dance/Bollywood Dance
Is dance your favorite way to express yourself? Prepare not only to develop your physical skills, but also to explore the area of dance from the middle-eastern cultures. Get ready for a great workout that’s lots of fun!!!

This military-inspired circuit workout commands power, strength and agility. As you maneuver your way through each workout station, you'll lunge, crunch, and box your way to a full body workout. Great for all levels

Cardio Kickbox
This high-energy Cardio Kickbox class challenges the beginner and elite athlete alike. Most classes begin with a warmup and end with a cool down but, in between, you can expect several rounds of higher intensity intervals where you will be punching, kicking or doing a combination of both. You will build endurance, coordination, flexibility and burn calories as you build lean muscle with this fun and challenging workout!

Cardio Mix
Cardio Mix is a blend of hi-low impact aerobics, step, athletic moves, Box Fit & more. This class offers a variety of cardiovascular-based exercises, elevating your heart rate while increasing your endurance.

An indoor cycling class that will improve your cardiovascular system. The instructor will take you on hills, intervals, sprints designed to increase heart rate and sculpt your legs. Ride will be 1 hour in length or longer depending on the class.

Cycle-Long Ride
This ride stationary ride is intense. Our certified instructor take you through hills and drills for an extended hour and half. Bring a water bottle and towel!

An intense, powerful workout encompassing the best of both worlds–fused into one! Ashtanga–being the intense, dynamic form of yoga–strength building; and Pilates–the focus on core strength, thigh trimming and posture alignment!

Hatha (Gentle) Yoga
In this class, postures are practiced to align, strengthen and promote flexibility in the body. Breathing techniques and meditation are also integrated. You can expect an emphasis on simplicity, repetition, and ease of movement. Hatha is considered a more gentle yoga and is for those who want a softer, nurturing, slow-paced, well-supported and relaxing practice.

A boot camp style class that is a mix of high and low intensity cardio. The class is designed in interval format, combining low and high impact moves, as well as core exercises, to keep the body guessing at each class.
Using various equipment, this class alternates between short high intensity speed intervals and recovery intervals to increase the intensity of a workout for cardiorespiratory training. This class may also include Tabata style training – 20 Seconds breathless and 10 Second recovery. HIIT can be added to anyone’s cardio program regardless of fitness level, including beginners, athletes at all levels and fitness enthusiasts.

Hot Pilates
Hot Pilates creates long lean muscle mass, burns fat, and increases fitness levels. It creates a stronger core, improves circulation, and increases flexibility. It is performed on a yoga mat making it zero impact, protecting your joints and muscles from the pounding of other exercises like running and jumping.

Hot Yoga
Hot Yoga is a series of postures practiced in a heated room with a goal to stretch, strengthen and tone the muscles while detoxifying the body and calming the mind. While each of our instructors bring their own unique experience and style to their teaching, all classes follow a basic structure that is fundamental Yoga practice. Please consult reception for guidelines. Individuals with medical concerns should consult their physician before attending classes.

Latin Jam
Salsa, merengue, bachata, samba, cumbia starts list of dance styles. This class delivers a plethora of dance routines that embrace the Latin culture. Cha cha cha, mambo, pivot and bounce. It’s a party you will enjoy.

Muscle Mix
This is an energize class that is designed to develop muscular endurance, strength, balance agility and more. Regular strength training helps to reduce body fat and preserve your muscle mass and bone density. A benefit for all ages and all fitness levels.

Muscle Mix Plus
This class is a great way to combine cardio and strength. The class uses body weight exercises and tools like barbells, plates, steps, etc. that allow for a different experience each class. Students do lunges, presses, curls and squats to increase muscle strength. This a low-weight, high-rep class. This class also challenges endurance and is for all fitness levels. This non-stop experience of strength/cardio exercises is just right when you're looking for results!

Combining movements and philosophies from dance, martial arts and Yoga, the Nia Technique offers an expressive body-mind movement and lifestyle practice, embracing fitness and health. Achieve cardiovascular conditioning, strength, flexibility, balance, grace, endurance, relaxation and agility, as well as personal growth and healing.

On The Ball
Big balls, little balls, weighted balls, and stability balls-experience the challenge of taking routines with a ball to new dimensions. This class combines aerobic moves, strength training and core conditioning. You are bound to have a Ball!

Pilates focuses on the core postural muscles which help keep the body balanced and which are essential to providing support for the spine. Equipment such as the stability ball, weighted ball and weights can be used with exercises to teach awareness of breath and alignment of the spine, and aim to strengthen the deep torso muscles. Great for all levels.

Socacize Fitness is a creative blend of Caribbean and African dance movements. The music used is calypso, soca, chutney, zouk, reggae, salsa, dancehall and on occasion drums. Get ready for a jam session!

SocaFit is an hour long class that combines body weight movement and dancing to the music of the Caribbean. The class starts off at a rhythmic pace and gradually increases in intensity.

This class is an aerobics class using a platform (step) used to step up on. It improves overall fitness by building strength, reducing fat and boosting overall cardiovascular health.

Stretch and Restore Yoga
Stretch and Restore is designed to help heal the effects of chronic stress due to our fast pace and busy lives. Special attention will be placed on alignment and relaxation through proper use of the breath.

Strong Nation™
STRONG Nation™ combines body weight, muscle conditioning, cardio and plyometric training moves synced to original music that has been specifically designed to match every single move. Every squat, every lunge, every burpee is driven by the music, helping you make it to that last rep, and maybe even five more.

STRONG Nation™ also has a 30-minute class option that still packs a total-body workout into 30 minutes. This efficient and focused class helps you fit fitness into any schedule. This class combines body weight, muscle conditioning, cardio and plyometric training moves synced to original music that has been specifically designed to match every single move. Every squat, every lunge, every burpee is driven by the music, helping you make it to that last rep, and maybe even five more.

Total Core
This class will get you where it counts! ABS Lower and upper. Core strength stabilizing exercises targeted at the entire core and the back. This class will finish with a relaxing stretch at the end!

Vinyasa Yoga
This class will help you with the next level of yoga. It will help you with stringing postures together so that you move from one to another, seamlessly, using breath. You will focus on the flow with your breath and will provide you strength in you posture. This will bring you to another level of mindful movement. No two classes are ever alike.

The Warrior Workout (R) is a practice of mind-body connection and paying attention to how you feel. The class is taught in alternating rounds of Martial Arts and Functional Fitness. This is for all levels.

Yin and Yang Yoga
Yin and Yang Yoga is a slow-paced style of yoga as exercise, incorporating principles of traditional Chinese medicine, with asanas (postures) that are held for longer periods of time than in other styles.

Yoga Dance
Yoga Dance is a fusion of yoga postures, movement and basic dance technique. The focus of the class is to strengthen the muscles using body weight exercises, held yoga postures and dance techniques. Learn to connect your breath with your movement to increase body awareness.

Yoga Flow
In this class, yoga postures are being held for longer periods of time focusing on the correct form with your breath. You will develop more graceful “flow”. You will be encouraged to visit poses for several breaths, allowing adequate time to make adjustments that help deepen their practice or align the physical body.

Zumba ®
Zumba is a fitness program that combines Latin and international music with dance moves. Zumba routines incorporate interval training - alternating fast and slow rhythms - to help improve cardiovascular fitness.