Move of the Week with Jana McDermid: Weighted One-Arm Crunch

It’s that time again… time for your favourite personal trainer and diva of demonstration Jana McDermid to teach you another Move of the Week! Each week, Jana teaches you the proper form for an important exercise. To book a session with Jana or any of our other personal trainers, call our Pickering location or fill out our online form.

This is a simple but amazing move that targets your abs and will help you build a strong core!

Set Up: From a face-up position on a mat, bend your knees and place your feet on the ground. Hold a dumbbell or medicine ball in one hand straight above your shoulder.

Action: Keep your arm vertical as you lift your shoulders from the floor.

Hold for one count, then slowly lower to return to the start.

Finish your set, and repeat on your opposite side. – try for 3 sets of 10 (per side).

TIP: You’ll know you are doing this move right if it feels as though you are pushing the ball up towards the ceiling (via your abs and not your arms) as you crunch!