One-on-One Attention with Personal Training at Thornhill Gym

You’ve made the commitment to your health and wellness. Now what? How will you know the most effective workout to help you meet your goals? And just what are your fitness goals?

Be smart. Start with a Certified Personal Trainer at Womens Fitness Clubs of Canada Promenade Mall.

We can improve your focus, balance and mood, boost your metabolism, improve joint function and help you build stronger muscles and bones.  Need help with nutrition for energy, performance or weight loss?  We’d love to help you with that too.

We help you understand where you’re will at then help you plan and adhere to a workout program that keeps you motivated while ensuring you’re using the proper form, technique, intensity and duration for maximum effectiveness.

Get ready for results.  You’re worth it!  Visit our Promenade Mall Fitness Center or click here to schedule your complimentary consultation.