Achieve Your Fitness Goals with Group Exercise

Take your exercise up a notch! Join a group fitness class at our gym in Thornhill and connect with others who are committed to getting in shape and having fun.

Personal Training

We want you to get results. And for most of us, getting expert advice and support makes the journey safer, more effective and way more fun.

Ramp Up Your Routine with Cardio Training at Promenade Mall Gym

Exercising to increase your heart rate — while also using large muscle groups — is the ticket to increasing energy and burning calories.

At Womens Fitness Clubs of Canada Promenade Mall, you’ll find the latest cardio equipment equipped with your Personal Viewing screen so you can watch your favourite show and get your heart pumping. Try out our gym’s treadmills, bikes, cross trainers and step machines. Start slow and build up, if you need to, or dig deep and plunge right into a high intensity workout.

If you’re not about solo exercise, try out the cardio group exercise classes at our gym in Thornhill. You will find the fun and encouragement you need to get moving!

As women, we spend our time caring for those we love. Decide now to take some time for yourself. Improve your health and wellness with cardio training at our Promenade Mall health club.

Circuit Training at Promenade Mall Fitness Club

When it comes to fitness and weight loss, mixing it up to keep your muscles guessing is essential. Our Promenade Mall gym offers circuit training - a quick and effective, full body workout.

Circuit training in Thornhill isn't just alternating between a machine and cardio. We organize the equipment starting from large muscles to smaller muscles in an easy to follow routine. We also have an ab routine and butt and thigh section. All ideal for woman to work out in an easy to follow routine.

Squeeze in these quick workouts before work or over lunch. You’ll rev your heart rate for improved oxygen distribution, super charge your muscles for increased strength, and energize your body for calorie burn long after you leave the club.

What are you waiting for? Jump on the circuit at our gym in Thornhill today!




Get in Great Shape with Strength Training at our Thornhill Fitness Center

Strength training not only builds muscle strength, weight bearing exercises also strengthen bones for the unique challenges women face as they age — health concerns such as osteoporosis.

At Womens Fitness Clubs of Canada Thornhill, we feature state-of-the-art strength training equipment such as free weights and resistance machines. Our gym also offers dynamic group training classes like Muscle Mix and HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training). Check out our group training classes to find the one that best fits your schedule.

Empower yourself. Try strength training at our Promenade Mall gym.

Thornhill Fitness Center offers Relaxing Dry Sauna

Sometimes your mind and body demand special attention, especially after an intense workout or a stressful day at work. Let the warmth of our dry sauna help you relax, unwind, and rid your body of unwanted toxins.

Located in the secure locker rooms of our Promenade Mall gym, indulge in the sauna and then get refreshed in our clean and well-maintained showers. You deserve it!

Clean, Secure Locker Room at Promenade Mall Gym

At Womens Fitness Clubs of Canada in the Promenade Mall, you’ll have a great fitness experience from start to finish!

Our locker room is clean, comfortable and convenient – and equipped with a digilock system that keeps your belongings safe and resets after each use. No need to worry about misplacing, finding and keeping track of your keys.

Get in the exercise groove at our Promenade Mall gym – with services and programs that include everything from one-on-one personal training to group exercise. Empower yourself with cardio and strength training; take charge of your health with a full-body session of circuit training.

Afterward, return to the locker room and relax in the dry sauna. Get refreshed in our clean, spacious showers. Everything you need – shampoo, soap, Q-tips and cotton balls – is there for you.

Come in today for a tour of our gym in Promenade Mall and visit our locker room. You’ll find clean, spacious amenities designed with your comfort in mind!