Why Women Love Womens Fitness Clubs Richmond Hill

At our Richmond Hill gym, we know that your time is valuable, and we offer numerous services designed with your convenience in mind.

We also recognize that the gym experience should pamper your mind as well as your body, and we provide amenities intended to help you detox and relax.

You’ll find a wide variety of equipment that caters to every fitness goal. If you’re objective is to burn calories, shed weight and improve heart health, our cardio equipment will get you there. Want to sculpt your muscles and add lean body mass? Check out our circuit training and strength training equipment.

Group exercise classes offer high impact options guaranteed to take your fitness to a new level. We now offer spinning classes with state of the art Keiser bikes as well as a variety of other high intensity classees. But our gym isn’t just about high intensity exercise. We have lower impact options, too, like yoga and Pilates, that focus on body awareness and mindful poses. These group classes are perfect for seniors, those with chronic pain, or someone who wants to just take it down a notch occasionally.

We want you to relax, and our dry sauna will help you sweat out the impurities and leave your skin healthy and glowing.

Women love our health club in Richmond Hill, and it’s easy to see why. We welcome you to come by and see for yourself. Sign up for our Free Pass and see all the great amenities and services we Womens Fitness Clubs has to offer!