wfcc trainer

Barbie Liss

Master Level Personal Trainer

Areas of Practice

As well as specializing in body sculpting and muscle definition, I will take my clients through a workout program that will promote core strength and an increased fitness level. I specialize in guiding my clients in a well designed program of appropriate exercises and proper form which will lead them to overall optimal health and fitness.


Have been working at the Womens Fitness Clubs of Canada since 2006.


With a background in a body building style of fitness, I have a passion for body sculpting and muscle definition. My workout schedules incorporate this technique, along with total body fitness and core strengthening. When combined, I offer my clients a well rounded approach to health, fitness and a well toned body!!

Certifications & Achievements

Certified Personal Trainer, International Sports Sciences Association Development Courses include: Muscle anatomy, physiology and core conditioning (Human Kinetics) Lower back strengthening and shoulder girdle stability (Human Kinetics) Physiology of resistance training (International Sports Sciences Assn) Cross fitness training (DSW Fitness) TRX certification, Fitness Anywhere Strength and conditioning for the combat athlete (DSW Fitness) Kickboxing certification (Fitness Kickboxing Canada Inc.)

What Our Members Say

I can honestly say hiring Barbie Liss as my personal trainer is one of the best decisions I have ever  made!! I have come so far in the year we have been training together and I consider myself fortunate to also call her a friend. Our sessions go by very quickly because we have so much fun together and she is genuinely happy for me when results start to show! I appreciate her guidance, support, patience, motivation and her belief in me is invaluable. Thank you Barbie!!




Over the past year with Barbie"s unwavering support,motivation and persistence I have managed to loose over eighty pounds. The definition I now have in my arms, legs and the core strength I have developed are due to Barbie's expertise in personal training. 

I feel healthier, stronger and more confident with my appearance and I will continue to keep training with Barbie as she constantly inspires me to take on more challenges. 

Thank you Barbie for your dedication and for helping me reach my goals!!"-Hilary Tkatch




I began training with Barbie Liss while recovering from a serious illness, when I felt I had virtually no strength or stamina. Barbie has a particular gift for working with 'where I am', in terms of strength or pain, making adjustments as neeeded to ensure that exercises are challenging without causing pain. She patiently guides me to try more difficult exercises and challenge the voice in my head that used to say “I can't do that”.  With Barbie's guidance over the past 1 1/2 years, I am now stronger and more confident in my fitness than I've ever been at any other time in my life! I've taken what Barbie has taught me and expanded my fitness routine to include classes and additional visits to the gym on my own. Still, I continue to train with Barbie each week because of her depth of knowledge about fitness and strength training. During every session she is pushing me forward, to new achievements and more difficult exercises, in a thoughtful and personalized way. Aside from her skill and depth of knowledge, Barbie is a pleasure to work with because she is kind, compassionate and so easy to talk to. And her own strength and physical fitness are an inspiration.-Ruth Brickman




Barbie Liss has been my trainer for a number of years. Some have asked why I still train, it's because of Barbie. She motivates, pushes, and adjusts her routine when my injuries act up. She's knowledgeable when it comes to my many issues, she puts posture first.   Most importantly she inspires me to go that extra bit when I'm not training with her, she's in my head. 

I appreciate all she does and would never think about switching trainers‎. 


Rose Swartz-Imai




Ever since my early twenties I have struggled to make working out a part of my daily routine. I knew I wanted to look a certain way but the desire to be consistent was lacking to say the least. I would binge workout before vacations and summers but never quite instilled exercise to be a routine. I decided to renew my membership at WFCC in November 2013 and decided that I would enlist the help of a trainer to help me make working out a life long habit. Barbie has changed my life. She truly taught me to love my body and appreciate the way it can transform. I thought I would only have a trainer for a few months and well... it now 2015 :). Not only has she been absolutely incredible as my trainer but she has also helped me overcome a pretty hard time that disabled me from working out for 6 weeks. I am slowly making my comeback and I cannot wait to be able to train with my Barbie again. Thank you so much for being there for me beyond your job description! Your support and encouragement has meant the world. -Sandra Ranitsky