wfcc trainer

Dee Kim

Certified Level Personal Trainer

Areas of Practice

My goal is to be a role model within the health and fitness industry. I am completely devoted to my clients and their success. In addition, I love interacting with a diverse group of clients and want to develop a fun environment to reach your fitness goals.


In the past I have been a program coordinator in a Saturday exercise program at a Korean association. My focus is to develop your strength, weight loss, and toning goals and ensuring that you will feel more energized in your daily lives.


I was raised in a physically active household, where daily exercise was a crucial part of our routine. My parents are over 80 years old and they are still very active and go to the gym to exercise. I believe our generation will live longer than the previous, primarily due to increase quality of life through exercising regularly and maintaining a healthy diet.

Certifications & Achievements

Personal Trainer Specialist, CanFit Pro, CPR, CanFit Pro Active Ageing Certification