Jackie Ellicott

Areas of Practice

I have proudly been working in the Fitness industry for 23 years. The industry itself has changed so much over this time. Throughout I have worked as Program Coordinator, a Membership Manager, a Fitness Programmer, a Fitness Instructor, a Trainer of Trainers and Personal Trainer. I have enjoyed every bit of it because of the members that I have worked with. Each and every person has guided me through this career and I hope I have impacted everybody in a positive way. I have taken many workshops, gone to many conferences and read many articles to continuously grow and stay knowledgeable. My areas of strength are Step, Cycle, Muscle Conditioning, multiple forms of Dance Fitness and anything else that gets thrown my way.


The majority of my experience is working for the YMCA as a program manager. This afforded me many opportunities and experiences to further grow my knowledge and experience. This has made me a far more effective, knowledgable, and empathetic trainer. My Undergraduate degree is in Physical Education and it has been great to use my education to help with my endeavours.


Feeling good is my mantra, but if it helps us look good too

Certifications & Achievements

Bachelor of Physical Education, Certified Personal Trainer - Can Fit Pro. Cycle Instructor- Keiser Institute. Reebok Martial Arts Instructor, Turbo Kick Certified Instructor, Aquafit Certified YMCA, Yoga Certification Level One