Nella Mauro

Group Fitness Instructor / TRIBE Team Coach

Areas of Practice

My craft of coaching is one from passion. Effective coaches will always try new ways to touch people’s lives positively, this is my goal. Reaching people is what I passionately try to do and to ensure that the message is one that changes lives. I’ve developed the ability to coach from my passion as a Group Fitness instructor. Over the years there is never a day that goes by that I don’t try to work harder and helping others. This has helped me to lead and inspire others along the way and in this journey, others have inspired me to try to be my best. I always am learning how to make everyone at all fitness levels successful, whether in a class of mine or in a small group training session like Tribe. Whether I am instructing you in a class or your Tribe Team Coach, it’s all about you being successful in achieving your fitness goals together.


I have been in the fitness field on and off since I was a teenager. As an adult, life took me to an unhealthy path and it became apparent I needed to make a change. I joined a gym, Womens Fitness Clubs of Canada to be exact, and tried their wonderful classes & small group training. After being blessed with two beautiful babies and seeing that I needed to keep up with them, I began with an attainable plan. Things were changing for me & after losing 70+ lbs of weight it was apparent I needed to take the plunge & pay it forward to others who are willing to improve their lives also. I became a Fitness Instructor and it was the best decision of my life.


The key to success in any fitness regime is to believe in yourself first. I know with my help, you will be motivated, focused, driven & most importantly believe & see you can do it. We will start and end as a team. We will be focused & determined as a Tribe. It will always be fun, energetic and suitable for your specific goals. This small group training journey will be like no other you ever have experienced. We will all be working together & supporting each other without judgement. “Behind every successful Woman there is a TRIBE of other successful Women who have each other’s back”. I truly believe this and live by helping others become their better selves. Together we can do anything.

Certifications & Achievements

Fitness Instructor Specialist Certification, September 2009 Active Aging Certificate, 2015 Schwinn Cycling Certification August 2017 Tribe Coach Certification September 2017 Emergency First Aid CPR / AED Level C, 2018