3 Tips to Accomplish your New Year’s Fitness Goals

New year, new you! So you’ve set your New Year’s fitness resolution. What can you do to maintain them?

Here are 3 ways to stay motivated in accomplishing your New Year’s fitness resolutions:

Track your progress

Most people begin new resolutions during the New Year’s, meaning there are more people around you posting their progress or asking about your own. It may feel mentally draining to have so much pressure surrounding you – feel ahead of the game and start 4 months before everyone else does!

Find a workout buddy

Surround yourself with like-minded people that will motivate you to achieve your New Year’s fitness resolution! Start by bringing one good friend to your local gym, or joining a fitness class to bond with others, including your expert instructors! Create a group goal and stay away from people who discourage you. Our WFCC family is always happy to help you in your fitness journey. 

Reward your small accomplishments

Whether it’s fitness related or not, reward yourself when you reach your session’s goal! Have a weekly goal to meet long term goal. Say you have a goal to gain 10 pounds. For every 1 pound you gain, reward yourself with something exciting, like a day out with friends, a new book, concert tickets, a new fitness outfit, or whatever you think will keep you motivated! Remember, the desire to meet the goals need to come from within, so revisit your goals and decide how it will impact people in your inner circle.

Need help making a New Year’s fitness resolution? It’s not too late! Check out https://womensfitnessclubs.com/blog/your-guide-to-creating-fitness-new-years-resolutions/

If you’re still having trouble with creating a your resolutions, getting started, or achieving them, our experts can help. Contact your local club for more information.