Gym Tips

Get the most out of your fitness experience at Womens Fitness Clubs of Canada with these tips for fitness from one of our best Trainers, Kathie Sharkey R.Kin. Each video will introduce you to new considerations for your workout routine and introduce the proper and safe use of our gym equipment.

Introduction to Womens Fitness Club of Canada Gym Tips

The Best Way to Warm-Up Before your Workout

Proper Stretching Techniques to Stay Injury Free and Recover Faster

 Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Strength Training

Tips for Achieving your Fitness Goals with Aerobic Exercise

 Aerobic Equipment Tips: Upright Bike

 Aerobic Equipment Tips: Rower

 Aerobic Equipment Tips: Recumbent Bike

 Aerobic Equipment Tips: Treadmill

 Aerobic Equipment Tips: Elliptical