15 Minute Express Workout

No Time to Exercise? Try a 15-Minute Express Workout!

For a fast-paced workout that benefits your entire body, try the 15-minute express workout at Womens Fitness Clubs of Canada. We understand busy, hectic lifestyles, and this program will build your core, rev your heart rate and burn calories – all in 15 minutes. Get in, get it done, and go on about your day.

With this program, a personal trainer will work alongside you for 8 weeks — and you’ll workout in increments of three, 15-minute sessions each week. This one-on-one program is set up in stations, each with a different activity, and for optimal results your trainer will ensure that you‘re performing each component properly. For example, one station may feature strength training, while the next promotes aerobic exercise. Each station has a time limit, and once you’ve completed all of the stations, then you’ve completed a full circuit.

Because you keep moving between stations, you’ll never get bored with your routine. Get a total body workout in just 15-minutes — before work or during your lunch hour. Freshen up in our private locker room facilities and your workout is done!

For those days when you have a little more time, our health club offers numerous group training and single station options. We’ll take your fitness to a whole new level with exciting classes like TribeLIFE and Nordic Walking. Or work out at your own pace on our selection of cardio training equipment, such as treadmills and ellipticals — each furnished with a TV for your enjoyment while you exercise. For lower impact options, Womens Fitness Clubs of Canada offers Yoga and Pilates group exercise classes, guaranteed to promote strength, balance, flexibility and body awareness.

Circuit training at Womens Fitness Clubs of Canada is fast and it’s effective. You’ll quickly see results, and your personal trainer will keep you motivated. A great weight loss solution and addition to every physical fitness program, the 15-Minute Express Workout guarantees stronger, toned muscles, improved lung capacity and greater stamina. Count on it!