ah-mazing group fitness classes

At Womens Fitness Clubs of Canada, we take pride in offering a diverse selection of the most popular classes with professional, friendly instructors. Whether you are looking for a heart-pounding cardio, a tone, a ride or a restoration –  you will find it within one of our many studios.

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Strong is the new beautiful! Our extensive lineup of classes will help you increase strength, be more toned, build muscle, and improve your mental health - and it's good for your heart health too! Find your perfect strength class at a studio nearest you.

mind & body

Perfect for beginners and seasoned yogis alike, Womens Fitness Clubs of Canada offers many classes and styles - from hot yoga, Vinyasa, Yin Yoga to Pilates. Get your stretch on, improve flexibility and balance, manage stress, improve sleep and so much more!

cardio & HIIT

Make your heart - and your mind - happy! Cardiovascular training is not only good for heart health, it keeps excess pounds at bay and boosts your mood. It's heart-pounding, fast-paced food for the soul! Find your class at Womens Fitness Clubs of Canada.


If you've never tried a cycling class - YOU MUST! This low-impact, high-energy class is great for every fitness level - and boasts many health benefits such as improving cardiovascular endurance, muscle strength and joint stability - not to mention - it's fun!


From Zumba to Socacize - get ready for some fun! These classes offer it all - cardio, strength, endurance, weight management, flexibility, agility - the list is endless! Need to de-stress and boost your mood? These classes are for you!