7 Ways TRIBE Team Training at Thornhill Gym Will Jumpstart Your Week

Tribe Team Training is one of the greatest ways to get into shape at Womens Fitness Clubs of Canada in Thornhill (Promenade Mall). Classes are designed to bring together the elements of the best training programs, so any barriers to getting fit are lower than ever.

Check out the benefits of Tribe Team Training at our Thornhill gym for yourself:


  1. There’s a class for everyone. Depending on your goals, different programs allow you to focus on different aspects of fitness:


TribeFIT will make you functionally fit through the combination of aerobic movements and functional strength exercises. Body weight and free weight exercises will help you build strength that will carry over into the activities of your daily life.

TribeLIFE also focuses on functional strength, but takes a low-impact approach to ensure you get the greatest strength and energy gains, as well as fat loss, without stressing joints.

TribeCORE trains the muscles around your pelvis, hips, back, shoulders, and abdomen to achieve a firm core and a slim waistline.


  1. You’ll never get bored. Each season last for six weeks, with a different class each week. A completely new season – including new exercises, workout formulas, and even music – is cycled in every six weeks. That means you’ll never repeat the same class!


  1. The most effective functional training. Our emphasis on body weight and free weight exercises means the strength you gain in training will transfer to your activities outside the gym.


  1. Lose weight while building strength. The combination of intense aerobic training, strength training, and multi-muscle system exercises is a proven way to rev up your metabolism so you burn tons of fat not just during training, but even after you leave the gym and are at rest.


  1. Top-notch coaching. Our knowledgeable and experienced trainers will help you progress steadily no matter what level of fitness you are now. They’ll make sure you perform exercises safely — and they’ll keep you motivated, too!


  1. Your team will carry you. Your group training peers are an excellent source of motivation, inspiration, and accountability. They’ll be there to help you grind out that final rep – and you’ll be there for them, too.


  1. Get energized. The satisfaction of an intense workout, obvious strength gains, fat loss, the supportive team, and your motivational coach come together for energy on workout day – and every day of the week!

Take a look at the TRIBE Team Training class schedule, and come get these benefits for yourself at our Thornhill health club.