Banish Workout Boredom With WFCC!

“If you’re bored, then you’re boring.” Did anyone else hear that little truism from their grandparents, growing up? These days, it’s easy to see that our elders weren’t criticizing us for not being adventurous or charming enough, but for not getting ourselves out of our own personal ruts. And that wisdom — that it’s your own responsibility to take charge of your excitement and interest — is pretty priceless. And, unsurprisingly, it has value to your exercise regime.

It’s easy to get bored with exercise. Running is boring. Lifting weights is boring. Anybody who’s ever done those activities with a buddy after a long time spent alone knows this to be true. Even watching TV can only go so far — mostly because whatever syndicated episode of Buffy you’re watching while on your run is probably one you’ve already seen, and just isn’t as compelling as the next episode of Breaking Bad, Game of Thrones, or Homeland.

But that’s no excuse for letting yourself get bored, or letting yourself quit. Exercise is fun, but that doesn’t mean it’s entertainment. Accepting this is key to digging yourself out of a rut, or avoiding ruts altogether. What’s fun about exercise is finding new challenges — and utterly conquering them.

But just because it’s fun doesn’t mean it will be easy. In fact, the fact that isn’t always easy is what makes it fun — because the fun part is realizing how tough and strong you are after you’ve done something you didn’t even think was possible. (“Did I really lift all that? Did I really run that far? Did I really survive that class? I’m awesome!”)

The key to avoiding boredom is to keep up with new challenges. We have a great variety of classes to help you learn new moves, new skills, and new confidence. (And hey, you might even make new friends, or find a teacher who changes your life!) We also employ fantastic trainers who want you to succeed and aren’t afraid to challenge you. And to keep you coming back, we offer you the Star Card, which guarantees you free gifts just for showing up.

So get out that rut! Come on an adventure with us.