Boost Your Motivation with TRIBE Team Training at Pickering Gym!

Looking for a way to get fit that is motivating, rigorous, and never gets old? TRIBE Team Training is the foremost program at Womens Fitness Clubs of Canada in Pickering for getting into incredible shape without the pitfalls of the typical fitness regime.

TRIBE Team training at our Pickering gym capitalizes on the fact that people are willing to go all-out for their fitness goals when they are motivated and see real gains along the way.

Group training is a proven way of increasing motivation. By working within a small group dedicated to getting fit and trimming excess weight, social factors like group intent, camaraderie and inspiration from peers, and accountability all play a part in boosting motivation.

Since an entirely new program comes out every six weeks and no two TRIBE Team Training classes are the same, there’s no way to burn out from repetition or boredom. Exercises, workout formulas, and even the enervating music will be new to your ears every month and a half!

The other main motivator in the TRIBE program is that you can experience real fitness gains immediately. Tribe classes push you to the limit and involve the most effective exercises and workouts for building strength and endurance and burning fat.

Tribe classes come in three flavors:

TribeFIT will make you functionally fit through the combination of aerobic movements and functional strength exercises. Body weight and free weight exercises will help you build strength that will carry over into the activities of your daily life.

TribeLIFE™ also focuses on functional strength, but takes a low-impact approach to ensure you get the greatest strength and energy gains, as well as fat loss, without stressing joints.

TribeCORE trains the muscles around your pelvis, hips, back, shoulders, and abdomen to achieve a firm core and a slim waistline. Intelligent exercises help ensure structural longevity and powerful, pain free movement.

Our trainers will guide and support you every step of the way, with motivational coaching that will help you get safely to the next level of fitness no matter where you’re starting from. You’ll leave every class with the satisfying feeling that you worked your hardest. You’ll also see the payoff in the days immediately after – leaving you wanting to come back for more!

Pushing through to your fitness goals alone is a thing of the past! Bring engagement, fun, and motivation back to your fitness program by participating in a TRIBE fitness class.

Check the schedule of classes at our gym in Pickering to get started, or call 905.420.1520 to learn more!