Consistent Motivation

It is often said that knowledge is power. When it comes to fitness, nutrition and health, I would like to add that knowledge is not power unless you have the will to apply it…with consistency!

Most people can agree that achieving their health and fitness goals is challenging because motivation is lost throughout the process. Despite having a wonderful plan, can get lost in our habitual patterns if we are not careful. Consistent motivation really is the key factor in your health journey and can easily fizzle out if you don’t have a tactical execution.

So how do we stay motivated?

First, community. All levels of community, supporting you, engaging with you, asking the right questions as well as holding you accountable for your actions in a loving effective way will help. In addition, having a circle of support in all formats. This means you have a professional coach/trainer/nutritionist, are part of an online forum, have a close friend or partner doing it with you, use an app to track meal intake, and a trusted co-worker, helping you along the way. The more support you have from all angles, the better the outcome.

Second, understanding brain function. Prepare your brain for success by mapping out small, achievable and hugely satisfying-to-accomplish goals. For example – if your greatest challenge is sugar, then reduce the sugar gradually so as to not overwhelm the brain into reverting back to “sabotage mode”. Our brains love to conserve energy, and they will always revert to “the path of least resistance”. In other words, it is easier to just do what habit you have always done as it takes less energy. However, when we become aware of a change that we want to make, it is possible to choose to create a new pathway. This change in the thought pattern take greater concentration (greater energy) and therefore feel uncomfortable. However if it is done with extra care, in smaller achievable steps, the process becomes life giving and attainable, rather than draining and unsuccessful.

Lastly, discover and stick to the “loves of your life”. This goes for both fitness and nutrition. Really consider what is working for you right now and why. Choose nutrition habits that you absolutely love, with the parameter that they are “super healthy for you” foods. So if you adore strawberries, keep them in the fridge! This will be attractive to you as a go-to health food. The same goes for fitness. If you are in love with yoga, stick to that as a motivating actionable fitness routine that you enjoy. There is always room for trying new things too, as you may find other loves that you can add to your daily routine, which will benefit your process by adding more loveable options.

As this new year unfolds, I encourage you all to think about and take action towards the goals you have to become the healthiest you possible. Knowledge + action + consistency, is power.

Have a blessed health journey!