Guest Post by Nutritionist Maria Pawlicka: Best Foods for Fat Loss!

Everyone wants to eat good food, and many women are looking to lose weight and belly fat. But not everyone knows what the best foods are. I always recommend a balanced meal of protein, healthy fats and good carbohydrates: these foods will feed your metabolism, helping you to destroy unwanted pounds of fat forever!

So, you ask: what are the best foods for fighting belly fat?

Here are my choices:

1. Plain Greek Yogurt
Why is Greek yogurt so good for you? This yogurt is higher in protein, and has a better ratio between protein and carbohydrates, than most commercial yogurts. Eat this together with nuts or berries for a good snack packed with fat-burning protein, low in carbohydrates, and a healthy dose of fiber.

2. Whey Protein Powder
Research has shown that only 56 grams of whey protein a day can help you lose weight without restricting your energy intake (eating fewer calories). The same research concluded that consuming whey protein resulted in a drop of 4 pounds and 1 inch off the waist! Not bad!

Mix the protein powder together with berries or other fruits, unsweetened almond milk, and hemp hearts for a healthy snack with appetite-suppressing protein and healthy omega 3 fat.

3. Eggs – Free Range or Organic
Eggs have plenty of fat fighting potential. An egg contains very high quality protein and many essential nutrients such as choline that is grouped within the B-complex vitamin. Choline is a necessary nutrient in preventing fatty liver and promoting healthy brain function.

Eat eggs with variety of vegetables, a piece of wheat-free bread or with an apple. This way you will consume fat-fighting nutrients with good amounts of fiber to keep you feeling fuller for longer throughout day.

4. Apples
This is another great way to add fiber to your daily eating. One large apple will give you about 5 grams of fat-fighting fiber. Fiber is another essential nutrient for decreasing your appetite at meals or when snacking. An apple gives you about 65 calories. It’s a perfect healthy snack.

Combine any apple you like together with yogurt or goat’s cheese or natural almond butter to provide a tasty snack that’s full of nutrients.

Incorporate all of these foods into your daily eating plan. They will help you to lose weight and keep it off. They also will fight stubborn belly fat and help you stay fit forever!

If you need help to reach your goals, please contact me. You deserve to have the body you’ve always dreamed of!

Eat well and stay fit!
Maria Pawlicka, BAA, M.Sc., CNP
Certified and Registered Nutritionist