Gym Fundamentals at Women’s Fitness Clubs in Toronto

Learn Some Fitness Fundamentals to Aid Your Weight Loss Plan

You probably already know that exercise and proper nutrition really do make a difference in how you feel. Exercise is not just about losing weight – it’s also about health and wellness for both your mind and body.

When combined with good nutrition, working out at our Toronto gym regularly prevents certain chronic illnesses such as heart disease (especially for women), diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol. Regular exercise is also a fantastic weight loss solution.

The challenges arise, however, when you haven’t made exercise part of your lifestyle. It takes some adjustments to commit to good exercise and nutrition, and at Womens Fitness Clubs of Canada, we understand that sometimes life just gets in the way. Work, kids, school or chronic ailments (such as arthritis) may prevent you from working out on a regular basis. We have your solution.

Our gym in Toronto opens early for a group class before work – and we stay open later for exercise after work, too. We’ll get you moving no matter the hour! We also offer low impact exercise options, such as Yoga and Pilates, which strengthen you without affecting your bones and joints.

Moving Forward

Now that you’ve made the commitment to better health and wellness, what’s the next step?
Before beginning any exercise program, consult with your physician – especially if you are over age 45 or if you are overweight, have an existing medical condition or have been sedentary for a while.

Then visit one of our fitness centers to see the many services and amenities we offer. We provide a wide variety of group exercise classes to suit almost everyone’s activity preference — from P90X and HIIT (high intensity interval training) to cardio training, core stability, spinning and Zumba – to the lower intensity body awareness of Yoga and Pilates.

We also offer nutritional counseling by registered nutritionists who offer healthy recipe ideas and meal options.

It just takes one small step to begin your wellness journey, and our team will be right by your side. Our personal trainers will guide you to the most effective workout for your fitness level and goals, and coach and encourage you along the way.

Fitness is fundamental to health and wellness. Womens Fitness Clubs of Canada will help you get there.