Healthy Snacks Before (and After) Your Workout at Our Burlington Gym

There are many things that we can do for ourselves to promote a healthy lifestyle. Getting enough sleep at night allows our bodies to recharge, participating in fitness activities at our gym in Burlington keeps hearts and muscles healthy; however, just as important is the food you use to fuel your body. Proper nutrition gives you the energy to power through each and every day.

Figuring out the best food to put into your body for better health, especially before and after workouts, is a common question. At Womens Fitness Clubs of Canada in Burlington, we want the best for our members, and feel that the best means sharing as much guidance, education, and support as we can.

Pre-Workout Fueling

Before every workout it’s important to start with hydration. While you don’t want to guzzle water to the point of feeling queasy, you want to drink enough to feel hydrated. No matter the exercise you’ll be doing – whether that’s cardio training, strength training or even yoga group exercise — your body is going to use up your water stores — and it’s imperative to make sure it can replenish the supply.

Once you have the hydration aspect under control you can focus on the food. The best fuels for a workout are healthy carbs and proteins. Cut up an apple and spread on some nut butter, and if you are really feeling fancy, drizzle some locally sourced honey on top.

Another great option is a couple tablespoons of dried fruit with about 1 tablespoon of raw nuts, unsalted. (Try to stay away from peanuts). A third option is about a cup of Greek yogurt with about a tablespoon of granola and half a cup of berries. Joining those two foods together, healthy carbs and healthy proteins, will give your body all it needs to function at its best.

Post Workout Nibbles

After your workout at our Burlington gym, it is going to be most important that you rehydrate. Replenishing the reserves will go a long way toward making you feel great.

It is imperative that you eat no more than a half an hour after your workout, as your body needs more coal to fuel the fire. Make sure some of that food involves healthy proteins for muscle recovery.

Avoid anything overly sugary such as those fruits you ate prior to your workout. Some whole-wheat toast with some peanut butter and a few banana slices is a great post workout snack. Another option could be a few hardboiled eggs with a slice of whole-wheat toast. Just remember that complex carbs — along with healthy proteins — will allow your body to recover.

For the most effective way to reach your fitness goals, personal trainers at our Burlington health club will help you figure out the best exercises and healthy snacks. Our team is here to help you become the best version of yourself.

Come in today, ask about personal training, see our services and amenities, and reach for those goals!