Holiday Party Prep: This Year, Do A “Pretox”!


It’s coming: Holiday Party Season. Tables laden with treats, creamy cocktails overflowing. It’s the most wonderful time of the year, sure, but it can leave your body reeling. You’ve got to prepare so that you’re not left heavier and more sluggish in January, with blotchy skin to boot.

Our suggestion? A Holiday Party Pretox. (What’s a “pretox”, you ask? Why, it’s a set of preventative measures to keep you from having to detox at the end!)

Here’s how you do it:

Overdose on vegetables. We all know that eating clean is a surefire way to stay healthy, and it’s especially important this time of year. And it’s simple: just add a few extra vegetables to your daily diet to up your vitamin intake. Try to include liver-loving beets and leafy greens for the ultimate pre-party nourishment. Eat them whole, blend them up, or pick up a green juice from your local juice bar. (We love Greenhouse Juice or Au Jus by Yamchops, both of which deliver right to your door.)

Hydrate. Hydrate. Hydrate. Our bodies are mostly water and it’s important to keep them that way. While the recommended daily dose is 8 glasses, which includes hydration from all sources, try to beat it this holiday season. Your skin will glow, and you’ll recover much more quickly if you’ve overdone it the night before. Water helps flush your system and keep things moving. Water’s actually so important that it can help smooth your skin and your tummy. Women around the globe are taking up the 3-litre-a-day challenge and experiencing amazing results, so why not give it a go during this intense season of celebration?

Keep up your fitness. Yes, it’s harder to get to the gym this time of year…. especially when it seems to be dark all the time. But it’s important to keep moving, even if you’re just doing a modified routine. Even if you don’t have time for a complete workout, try morning stretches, a quick fitness class here at WFCC, or an at-home video so it’s easier for your body to keep flushing toxins out. Plus, the more you elevate your heart rate, the more you can indulge.

This time of year is tough for health, but if you enter it prepared, you’ll come out unscathed with a few wonderful memories, too.

What are your favourite ways to get ready for the Holiday Party Season? Tell us in the comments below.