How Diet and Exercise at Thornhill Gym (Promenade Mall) Work Together for Weight Loss

What you eat and how much you exercise affects your health in many ways, including your weight, blood pressure, and heart health. When you are trying to drop some pounds and lose a few inches, incorporating both sound nutrition and good exercise into your weight loss program is a healthy strategy. With all of the services and amenities are our Womens Fitness Clubs of Canada, membership at our Thornhill gym (in the Promenade Mall) can help you realize your goals, too.

Diet and Exercise Working Together

Maintaining a healthy weight is often most effective when you focus on reducing calories and exercising for at least thirty minutes a day. If you find that you aren’t meeting your goals, you may need to reassess the situation and either increase your level of activity or decrease the number of calories you ingest each day.

Personal Training

Personal training is designed to help you achieve the success that you want with your fitness and/or weight loss goals. A personal trainer uses your physical capabilities, preferences, and goals to create a routine that is as enjoyable as it is productive.

A personal trainer at our gym in Thornhill will guide you to the most effective exercise – including intensity and duration – and encourage you to find fitness activities you’ll enjoy and commit to.

Nutritional counseling is also available at our Thornhill gym to help you learn about protein, carbs, sugar, suggested caloric intake, and how to read labels when buying food and snacks.

Cardio Training

Incorporating cardio training into your fitness plan provides a boost in your ability to lose weight. With a revved metabolism, you’ll burn calories faster than you would with low impact exercises. Plus, an increased heart rate helps you to continue burning calories even after you’ve stopped working out for the day.

Womens Fitness Clubs of Canada in Thornhill (Promenade Mall) is dedicated to helping its members achieve personal well-being through a variety of services such as group fitness (including small group classes), cardio and strength training, and personal training opportunities.

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