Introducing NEW Classes at WFCC Promenade!

We are delighted to announce that WFCC Promenade has a whole set of new classes… and they are FANTASTIC!

We now offer Zumba Tone: still the same great Zumba, with the addition of toning weights and added moves for body a full-body-sculpting hour of fun!

We have a new class on Friday mornings called TGIF. This is a great combination of cardio and strength. In this class, you start off with a half hour of spin followed by a half hour of body conditioning. Be ready to work and have fun: this is a fantastic workout!

We also now offer Yoga Groove! It is a wonderful combination of dance and yoga. We usually start and end with meditation to help clear the mind, and we groove to music in the middle! This class will help you gain coordination, postural control, strength, endurance and flexibility.

Finally, our new Cycle Flow class is 40 calorie-burning minutes of spinning, which flows into 20 minutes of yoga to cool down and stretch out our muscles to help prevent injuries. This is a wonderful addition or our spin classes and is a great start or finish to your day!