Jump! Jump! Join us for Kangoo!

Have you heard about the new Kangoo craze? Kangoo Jumps footgear are one of the hottest ways to get in shape and get your heart rate up. And you can sample a Kangoo class this week at WFCC: just click here for times and dates.

Kangoo footgear was created to be a low-impact alternative to heart-rate-boosting but high-impact exercises like running and jogging. The patented bounce technology protects your joints from the injuries common to high-impact athletes, while giving you the same physical benefits as you’d get from a high-impact workout. The Kangoo website even has a chart showing just how much lower-impact a Kangoo exercise session is than a traditional one – and how much better it is for your joints. The Kangoo “Impact Protection System” reduces joint impact up to 80%!

Perhaps the best thing about Kangoo, however, is that it’s just so much fun. Who doesn’t love to bounce around? There’s a reason why bouncy castles, trampolines and pogo sticks are so popular: jumping is not only a good workout, it’s pure fun! You can see from the photos of our initial Kangoo Jumps sample class that everyone’s having a great time. Don’t you want to bounce your way to fitness with us?

If you’re interested in joining us for Kangoo Jumps, there are sample classes at all locations on June 12 from 5-6 PM and June 15 from 11:45 AM -12:45 PM. Check out the website for more information, and please reserve your space at reception. Give us a call soon, because space is limited!