Just one more reason to be excited that our Clubs are re-open!

Would it surprise you to hear that working out in person, with others delivers many powerful, incredible benefits that you don’t get exercising alone?  Or virtually?

This simple fact gives us yet another reason to be excited that our Clubs are going to be open again in weeks.

And – we thought you’d like to know – we’ve looked very carefully at the evidence supporting why exercising in a Club, with a group of peers is incredibly beneficial.  Specifically, for the wonderful women who exercise at our Clubs.

We’ve used that information to develop and improve our services and offerings to take better care of you.

We’ve always cared about you and your fitness goals.  Now we’re ready to help you take your results to the next level.

You’ve likely experienced it:  Dragging yourself out of bed at 6AM because you promised a friend you’d meet them at the gym; Finishing a 5K race in record time as the energy of the other runners and the crowd push you along; eking out one or two additional reps because someone is cheering you along (and spotting you too!); Refusing to quit because all those sweating around you refuse as well.

But what exactly is it about exercising with others that is so helpful?

Heathy behaviours are contagious. 

You end up being more inspired and more motivated.   This can translate to higher efforts, greater actual endurance and can lead to better gains:  More power, more strength, more mobility, more lean tissue.

A study from the Journal of Social Sciences demonstrated that cyclists pedal harder when surrounded by peers who are pushing their limits as well.  And those who would like to lose a little weight might be interested in the following study which found the more time people spend with fit friends, the more successful they are with their weight loss attempts.

Commitment and effort are higher.

You show up.  You work harder and longer.  You don’t skip.  You don’t quit.

Coined in this study as the Buddy Up effect when paired with workout partner who seems to be working harder, you become more persistent, and push harder than you would if exercising solo.  And when that instructor or trainer is watching you?  Yep.  You’ll take it up another notch again!

You don’t need as much willpower.

Let’s face it – some days every moment seems to require more resolve, will power and serenity than we can muster.  Once you get to the Club – no matter how exhausting your day was – you are far more likely to find and channel those last ounces of energy into powering through and completing your workout.  At home?  There are too many other things that would distract and interrupt.  At the Club you get to make yourself a priority.

Everyone is different:  Unique goals, unique bodies, unique needs. 

Much of what is happening in the digital realm is somewhat generic.  At WFCC we use the LIFT platform which allows a Personal Trainer to be virtually present throughout your workout so it’s tailored specifically for you and results you want.  But the majority of fitness platforms and apps are creating a workout experience that appeals to the masses, and is easy to access.  There’s absolutely nothing wrong with this.  In fact it’s made fitness accessible to so many which is a wonderful thing.  We though – are excited to see you in person again.  To gain a better understanding of all of you and help you get results.  Safely and effectively.  This is one of the main reasons we’ve developed a brand-new Team Training initiative.  We’ll be sharing those details with you soon!

More endorphins.

Don’t have the patience or stomach to race after a runner’s high?  The simple act of smiling during exercise – which you’re more likely to do with others – increases endorphins.  The mood boost of working out with peers makes many people feel great.  Which then in turn makes pushing hard and struggling through the really tough bits more enjoyable.  And it’s the pushing hard thought the tough bits that really brings those endorphins up!


Whether it’s having an expert coach or instructor at the helm creating a different workout every time; A workout partner who brings their own ideas and inspirations to the table; The safety and support of a group that allows you to try new things and exercise out of your comfort zone:  People who exercise with others tend to enjoy more dynamic, creative workouts.


When you haven’t worked out hard in a while it’s important to rebuild your foundation first.  Imbalances in your mechanics, unusual shifts in posture, decreases in strength and fitness can leave you vulnerable to injury if you try to jump back in 100% right away.  We have thought of this and have some great programming initiatives we’re looking forward to sharing over the next few weeks leading up to opening.


At the end of the day, isn’t this the most important one?  Camaraderie.  Shared sense of purpose.  Scintillating conversation.  Laughter.  Bonding over completed reps, kilometers and pounds.   Relationships built on shared effort, sweat and support.  A different sense of purpose.  A powerful source of accountability.

Working out with others, in your Club, is hugely beneficial.  And so much FUN.







Inspiration of the Day:

“Working out with a crowd carries a plethora of intertwined benefits that include enhancing consistency, duration, motivation, conversation and inspiration,” – Dian Griesel, Ph.D.