Keep Your Workouts Fresh with TRIBE Team Training at Gym in Burlington

Womens Fitness Clubs of Canada in Burlington believes there are two keys to a successful training program: are relevance and engagement. TRIBE Team Training at our Burlington gym offers those ingredients, with fresh new workouts every 6 weeks that are effective, but also enjoyable.

Fitness Designed for YOU

Fitness programs are not one-size-fits-all. TRIBE training is divided into three programs to better meet your specific needs:

  • TribeFIT will help you become functionally fit through a combination of aerobic movements and functional strength exercises. Body weight and free weight exercises will help you build strength that will carry over into the activities of your daily life.
  • TribeLIFE™ also focuses on functional strength, but takes a low-impact approach to ensure you get the greatest strength and energy gains, as well as fat loss, without stressing joints.
  • TribeCORE trains the muscles around your pelvis, hips, back, shoulders, and abdomen to achieve a firm core and a slim waistline.

Whether the class is for overall strength, gentle fitness gains, or a strong core, the emphasis is on functional fitness that will improve your performance in daily activities outside the gym.

You can jump into the class that best suits your goals, no matter where you’re starting from or going. Our coaches are pros at adapting exercises to your individual fitness level, goals, and constraints. They’ll be right there with you to help tailor the programs to your needs.

New and Exciting

Not only is Tribe Team Training an innovative program that combines the latest and greatest (as well as tried and true) exercises, camaraderie, and expert guidance, the programs are constantly evolving with you.

Programs are replaced every six weeks with a new program with brand new exercises, workout formulas, and music. That means you’ll never get bored as you face new hurdles and master unfamiliar challenges.

Don’t let training be a drag or feel like a program that was designed for someone else. Take a look at the different TRIBE Team Training classes and schedule, and come enjoy the benefits for yourself at our gym in Burlington.