Let’s Celebrate National Health Day

There are so many benefits to being physically active!

Potentially most salient these days is how regular exercise can help protect against severe side effects associated with Covid.  A recent study https://bjsm.bmj.com/content/early/2021/04/07/bjsports-2021-104080 involving almost 50,000of adults who developed Covid showed that those who had been active before falling ill were significantly less likely to need hospitalization or die.

Being sedentary was in fact the greatest risk factor.  So while you or someone you love might not be able to do anything immediately about any underlying conditions that increase risk, you can start exercising right now. And this in and of itself will mitigate your risk.

We’ve known for some time that exercise amplifies immune response and better fitness improves antibody responses to vaccines:

Any single bout of physical activity is sensed by your body as a physiological stressor.  As such your body suddenly floods your blood stream with specialized, powerful immune cells.  Pathogens are more easily detected and destroyed.
Regular aerobic exercise increases capillarization and circulation.  This allows these specialized immune cells and to move through the body even more effectively.
Frequent exercise often enhances immune responses to viral antigens
Being physically active may limit or delay immunological aging.  (Yet another way exercise keeps us young!)
Exercise reduces psychological stress and anxiety.
We’re not suggesting that someone who does regular exercise shouldn’t still get vaccinated.  But until you can get it, exercise is the most important thing you can do to lessen your risk.

While years ago we worried that exercise – especially intense and/or long duration and/or too frequent exercise in fact harmed the immune system function, we now know that this is seldom the case.  Lack of sleep, rest, recovery and/or poor nutrition are typically the culprits.  Not exercise.

Speaking of human interaction, that’s the other amazing way Women’s Fitness Clubs haveincreased our immune system function: social interaction.  Yes – even at 2 meters apart, social support – smiles, conversations, group workouts – boosts immune system function.

Keep your eyes on us.  As soon as the governments permits, we are ready with all kinds of awesome outdoor classes for you!

So, get ready to get back to the gym!  Keep moving.  Keep your distance.  Wash your hands.  Sweat & smile.  Repeat.