Move of the Week: Weighted Plie Squat

It’s that time again: our fantastic personal trainer Jana McDermid from our Pickering club teaches you the proper form for an important exercise! To book a session with Jana or any of our other personal trainers, call our Pickering location or fill out our online form.

The plie squat is a simple exercise that has many benefits. It targets the inner thighs, quadriceps, and the glutes.

Here are the steps you need to know to perform the plie squat safely and correctly. 

1. Stand with your feet wider than your hips with your toes pointed out at 45 degree angles.

2. With your hands in front of your body, hold a dumbbell with both hands and let it hang in front of you between your legs. (I am using 15lbs in the photo, but choose a weight that is appropriate for you. If you need help, our personal trainers are always here to help.)

3. Slowly squat down, keeping your thighs parallel to the floor.

4. Hold for a second. Squeeze your glute muscles – otherwise known as your butt! – as you come back up.

When you do this move, make sure you only lower your body as much as you can without compromising on your flexibility or balance, so you don’t injure yourself. Remember that getting fit is a process and every new move is a learning experience. Even if you aren’t able to lower yourself much now, keep working at it and you’ll get better!

If you’d like to work with Jana, or any of our other expert personal trainers or kinesiologists, call your club or fill out our online form and we’ll get you set up asap!