Move of the Week with Heather Chapman: Group Plank Train

Our Move of the Week feature with personal trainer and kinesiologist Heather Chapman is BACK! Each week, Heather teaches you an important exercise. To book a session with Heather, please call our Promenade location; to work with any of our other personal trainers, just fill out our online form and we’ll be in touch ASAP.

This week, we’re having fun with a simple group plank train!

This exercise focuses specifically on core and balance – and really, like any plank, it’s surprisingly effective at working your entire body. It’s a great challenge and a lot of fun, especially since it’s social.

For this one, the photos are pretty self-explanatory! Just prop your feet on the shoulders of the person behind you. (If you’re the caboose, you’ll be doing a normal plank.) If you don’t have someone to try it with, place your feet on a bench, bosu or ball for the same fitness effect!