Off to the Cottage? Remember These Fitness Essentials!

It’s the height of cottage season, which means you may be trying hard to stay fit while away from the gym. Or maybe you’re packing up for a trip away, and want to know what to bring. For those of you in that situation, here’s a list of items that are easy to bring when you want to work hard while also playing hard.

  • A yoga mat. There is no excuse not to bring one. Yoga is a good exercise while you’re away, as it can help relax you for sleep, or help you work out the new knots tied in your muscles by sleeping on an unusual bed or cot. And even if you don’t use it for exercise, they’re useful as padding on the floor when someone falls asleep in your cabin!
  • Water weights can be used in the water or on land, meaning you can do a resistance workout in the lake, simultaneously burning your muscle tissue and cooling your joints.
  • Resistance bands and stretch tubes¬†can be affixed to doors for a good workout that requires no heavy machinery. In fact, you can even leave some of them at the cottage if you know you’ll be returning. You may even be able to affix some of these to a tree, and exercise outside!
  • Jump ropes¬†provide an awesome cardio workout, and they’re an activity that you can do with kids or other friends if you have enough room to skip safely. This is another activity that’s great to do outside, where the rope can’t hit furniture or fixtures, and the jumping can’t annoy people sharing space with you.
  • A canoe, kayak, or bike can also help you get the workout you need while away on vacation, provided you’re close to a calm body of water or a good bike path. These are fun activities that you can share with family and friends, and they’ll build up a good sweat while also giving you an opportunity to sightsee.

In addition to those items, remember to bring along the sunscreen, joint cream, anti-inflammatories, and bottled water that make all workouts easier to deal with. And keep in mind that sunscreen and insect repellents can be sweat and washed away, so after a workout or a swim you should replenish your protection.