Safe Exercise for Seniors at Pickering Fitness Center

Maintaining an active lifestyle is important for everyone, but perhaps even more so for mature adults. Incorporating physical activity into each day helps adults not only look and feel their best, but daily exercise often provides plenty of health benefits too.

Exercise helps seniors maintain mobility and improve flexibility. Some exercises are ideal for building strong bones, enhancing core strength, and improving posture. Even gentle activities can be ideal for improving sleep and boosting cardiovascular health. The object is to choose activities that will not cause injury or harm.

If you’re an older adult who’s ready to jump into exercise, our health club in Pickering offers a great selection of exercise options to choose from. The key is to ensure the exercises are safe for you, your physical limitations, and whether you have any health conditions to take into account.

A great place to start is personal training. A certified personal trainer at Womens Fitness Clubs of Canada in Pickering will assess your fitness level, consider any restrictions, and help you devise an exercise plan that will get you moving, safely, in activities you’ll enjoy.

Here are a few exercise options seniors can consider:


Yoga is a gentle form of exercise that uses a combination of poses and stretches in combination with controlled breathing techniques. The movements of yoga can easily be modified to suit any level of fitness, so you have the option of only doing as much as you are able.

Yoga is ideal for promoting relaxation, building muscle strength, improving balance and posture, and boosting flexibility. Each class should also leave you feeling refreshed and energized


Pilates focuses on core muscles (such as certain abdominal and back muscles) that support your spine, keep your body balanced, and ensure you can perform daily functional movements. Pilates often uses your body’s own weight to provide resistance as you exercise, which makes it an ideal form of strength training.


Cycling on a stationary bike is the ideal cardio exercise for seniors. Cycling is a low-impact exercise that doesn’t place unnecessary stress on ankles or knees.  You can work at your own pace, slow and steady or fast and furious, to achieve better cardiovascular health.

Many of the group classes available at our fitness center in Pickering provide customizable options that are ideal for seniors. Let the instructor know if you have any physical limitations and the movements in the class can be modified to suit your needs. For example, a chair can be used to exercise while seated or to lean on for support.

Don’t let your age be an obstacle to your health and wellness. Come by today and tour the facility or check out the group class schedule for programs you might be interested in trying. Get fit, meet new people, and have fun at our Pickering health club!