Shauna Manning’s Fitness Journey

What started as a weight loss journey blossomed into an entire healthy lifestyle and lifelong passion for Shauna, a dedicated member of Womens Fitness and for 4 years. Her commitment towards constant growth to become the strongest, most confident version of herself is contagious in the best kind of way! We had the pleasure of sitting down with her to learn more about her fitness journey and experience at WFCC.


The spark that started it all

“I used to be 250 pounds. I was very unhealthy. I ate badly. I never felt confident in my own skin – I was always covering myself up in sweaters.

At the time, prom was coming up and I couldn’t even imagine buying a dress when I was that size. I kept getting bigger and bigger. I finally realized it was a problem that I needed to get a hold of. I wanted to do better.”


Finding power in the journey; not just the destination

“I still felt insecure once the weight came off, at my previous gym. I found that my progress in building strength at Womens Fitness gradually helped to build my confidence.

When I first started working out, I would come in a sweater and baggy pants. Now I’m at the point where I’m wearing a tiny little tank top and leggings because I feel comfortable in my body now and what I’m working towards. When I was covering myself in baggy sweaters, there was no seeing progress. Now I like being able to see things; being able to see the progress. Seeing how far I’ve come and the forward direction I am going is what helps my confidence the most. I like what I see!”


Empowerment in self-accountability & progress

“I feel more connected to my body, knowing now that my body can do whatever I push it to do. When I first started doing weights, I’d start with 30 pounds, and here I am years later doing 70 pounds. If I were to do 30 pounds right now, it would feel like nothing. But 30 pounds a few years ago almost felt impossible. You are responsible for growing and getting stronger, which I find so cool.”


Food is fuel 

“When I was overweight, I wasn’t thinking about what I was eating and what was in my food. As soon as I had some knowledge about what was in my food, it made me reflect on my choices more. I think about how food will affect my body now.

I started with little steps like having water instead of pop, having grilled chicken instead of fried chicken. It’s all about living in moderation too. Certain things that I used to eat regularly without a thought are now only hard-earned treats for the weekend. I deserve it!”


The ultimate motivation: progress

“When I see pictures from a year ago and two years ago, and see that there’s a big difference, it just gives me that extra push to keep going. I could either be going forward or backwards. When I follow my routine, I know there is no backwards; it’s always going to be forward.

The way I see food, energy and activity now, I could never go back.


An evolved gym mindset

“Back when I first started my fitness journey at my previous gym, I saw the gym as a place that you sweat and burn calories. I didn’t see it as a place where you get stronger, where you progress.

Back then, it was all about burning calories to lose weight. Looking back, there was so much more that I could’ve taken out of it, but I was seeing the gym for the one thing I needed it for. Now at Womens Fitness, I’m here to progress. I’m here to build muscle. I’m here to make changes to become the best version of myself.” 


What has changed in her 4 years at WFCC

“I’ve definitely gotten more confident in myself since I started at Womens Fitness. Like I mentioned before, I used to workout in a sweater and baggy pants. Now I can’t even imagine that. I’m so much more confident in my skin.

People probably always see me taking pictures in the mirror at WFCC. I’m constantly taking pictures of my progress. I don’t even care if anyone sees me doing it – I’m proud and this is where I am! I want to hold onto that. 4 years ago that would not be me walking into a gym. That would not have happened.”


A judgement-free, supportive community 

“At Womens Fitness, I will snap a picture of myself in the mirror and there’s no judgement. We’re all trying to do the same thing: track our progress, hit our goals… I’ve even had other members go out of their way to say they’ve noticed the progress I’ve made. I feel supported and seen at Womens Fitness. It’s kind of like being a regular at a coffee shop! ” 


What makes Womens Fitness stand out

“I have my gym friends here who know about me, and I know about them; we chat with each other and know what’s going on in each other’s lives. It feels like little tight knit family here and I love it.

Those little interactions add up. It feels like everybody that goes here is ready for a quick little chat. They make it feel like you’re not in a jail, like gyms can often feel like. You’re here at Womens Fitness to workout, go have some fun, and have a chat!

I like that it’s all women too. I feel like we are all coming to Womens Fitness for the same reason and it’s a little community! 

Just like how most people brush their teeth, going to the gym, going to Womens Fitness is a part of my day, part of my routine now. It’s not something I dread, it’s just something I do that I know is good for me. The second you dread something, why would you want to go?”


Little lifestyle changes for big results

“When people ask me, ‘How did you get from point A to point B? How did you get to where you are now?’ I always say that it’s not about starting a diet. It’s about changing your lifestyle.

It’s about telling yourself ‘I’m going to start drinking more water. I’m going to watch what I eat. I’m going to start working out more.’ and doing it. All of those things together add up to results – it’s not just one thing.


The one thing she’d share with anyone beginning their fitness journey

“They need to find something in it that they love, and they’ll never dread it. If they find something they love, they’re going to crave doing that. They’re going to want to keep coming back and getting better.

The journey is also not going to all be rainbows and sunshine. It takes work and time. At the end of the day, though, the results are going to be rainbows and sunshine, so it’s worth it!”