Small Group Training at Pickering Gym

Meeting your fitness goals can be difficult, particularly if you are juggling a job, school, family responsibilities – and holiday activities. Womens Fitness Clubs of Canada in Pickering knows how hectic schedules can be this time of year. That’s why we offer numerous services and amenities, like small group training, designed to fit your busy lifestyle. Our gym in Pickering offers classes, like Tribe Life, Tribe Core, and Tribe Fit, from the early morning (as early as 6:30 am for quick exercise before work or school) until 8:00 pm.


Small group training is the best of both worlds. With class sizes of no more than 10, you’ll receive the individualized attention of personal training along with the interaction and encouragement of women with goals just like yours: to get fit and be healthy.


What are the benefits of small group training? 


Encouraging Motivation

It is easy to get to know the other members of your group when the class size is small. As the participants talk and laugh together, everyone begins to encourage each other to power through difficult moments and work a little harder to achieve their goals.


More Fun

Working out is so much more fun in a group setting. In fact, small group training embraces the idea of class participants getting along, forming bonds, and aligning their fitness goals in an effort to achieve better results.


Enhanced Results

Women who engage in small group training get closer to their fitness goals, often achieving them in full. Working out within a small group enhances each participant’s ability to focus on each day’s set of exercises while receiving encouragement from fellow gym goers.


Signing up for small group training might kick start a fitness program that allows you to finally reduce body fat, enhance your athletic capabilities, and improve your level of energy.
Stop by our Pickering gym and check out our numerous group training options – like Tribe Life, Tribe Core, Tribe Fits, Mommy and Baby, and Nordic Walking. You’ll find single station equipment for cardio training and strength training, too!