The Biggest Lie You’ve Been Told About Fitness

“It’s Easy” might the single biggest lie as it relates to describing fitness success…I absolutely cringe when I hear this nonsense. This is a HUGE reason why we fail in our culture when it comes to fitness and weight loss.

Almost every TV infomercial, magazine article, or “fitness guru” blog continuously brainwash us with that fraudulent phrase “it’s easy”. I completely understand why we get so¬†frustrated and confused with fitness, then eventually quit or fail. We can NOT confuse SIMPLE with EASY. Though we all know that combing the ability to banish your diet of low value nutrients and adding exercise more consistently absolutely works and is a SIMPLE process…. By NO means, is this easy. The HONEST truth is…. Anything worthwhile takes hard work, sacrifice, and is NOT easy. Reaching our fitness goals and losing weight might be the single most difficult thing we ever do, due to some of the following lifestyle changes.

Here’s what will have to change…. What we eat, what we do for exercise, how much we do, how we sleep, who we socialize with, how we socialize, how we deal with our emotions and stress, how we deal with being sore/uncomfortable, how we manage time, how we sustain this, etc. This is a monumental undertaking and will be overwhelming.

Here are some tips.

1. Be prepared for this to be difficult.

2. Be prepared that all the sacrifices we make will be worth every drop of sweat and every slice of pizza skipped.

3. We cannot be afraid of hiring a coach for support. We are gonna need it.

4. Do NOT get frustrated and understand longevity. Fitness is not a day to day task or a month to month endeavor. It’s a lifelong journey we all aim to improve upon year after year.

5. The next time someone try’s to sell us on “easy fitness” we have to promise ourselves to turn and RUN!!!!!

A special thank you to Frank Nash for writing this inspiring post.