The Bosu Ball: Don’t Be Baffled!

This is a guest post by WFCC certified personal trainer Jana McDermid, who trains clients at our Pickering club. To book a session with Jana, just click here and give us a call, and we can book you right in!

The BOSU Ball is one of the more exciting exercise tools to hit the fitness world in a while. Why? Because you can use it for so many different activities, all while working on endurance, strength, balance, and stability.

The term BOSU is an abbreviation from the phrase “both sides utilized”: this means you can use both the bouncy side of the BOSU and the platform side. By using the bouncy side, you’re able to perform a variety of strength training and cardio movements, and the platform is a fantastic way to work balance and upper body strength. The possibilities are endless. Some ideas include:

Cardio – Use it for short bursts of cardio such as hops, jumps, step-ups, leaps, lunges, etc. You can also use it as a step for choreographed workouts.

Strength training –  Add a whole new challenge to your squats, lunges, deadlifts, and push-ups. You can even use it as a weight bench to add a balance challenge during traditional weight work.

Flexibility  – Stand or kneel on the dome while doing traditional stretches to add more range of motion.

Sports Conditioning  – Use it to perform sports drills, like jumping or plyometric moves, to increase performance and agility.

Core training – Use it for abdominal and lower back exercises to target the core muscles.

Are you a fan of the BOSU ball? How do you use it? Tell us in the comments!