The Healthy Way To Snack

Learn about Healthy Snacks at Womens Fitness Clubs of Canada

We’re not must a gym. Womens Fitness Clubs of Canada is your health and wellness resource, with a team of certified nutritionists dedicated to helping you reach your goals. Whether you’re seeking a weight loss solution or want to improve your health with more nutritious meals, look no further than our fitness clubs.

Speaking of nutrition, let’s talk about snacks. Often maligned as a bad habit, healthy snacks are not really a bad idea. What are healthy snacks? Definitely not sugar-filled doughnuts or cookies. By indulging in protein-filled snacks at regular intervals (say every few hours), you’ll stabilize your blood sugar and insulin levels and feel less hungry. You’ll also keep your body fueled and disinterested in that afternoon nap.

We can’t argue that sometimes a piece of rich chocolate just helps you feel better when you’re sad or angry. However, there’s a right way and a wrong way to snack nutritiously. A nutritionist at Womens Fitness Clubs of Canada will also help you learn the difference between real hunger and those times when you reach for comfort food to appease your emotions. There’s a very real difference.

You’ll also do your body a world of good by taking a few minutes to prepare and pack your own fresh food for snacks; that is, no processed or pre-packaged food. Granted, it takes a little extra time. But you’re worth it!

Nourishing snacks you can have on hand when you’re hungry include:

  • Almonds
  • Nut butter or natural peanut butter
  • Fresh fruit – try a banana or apple with peanut butter
  • Chili spiced nuts
  • Non-fat Greek yogurt or non-fat cottage cheese and fresh fruit
  • Smoothie made from fresh fruit
  • Hummus & vegetable sticks

Be sure to read your labels, though! Everything you eat contains calories; and although these items are nutritious, you can still pack on calories if you don’t watch the service sizes. For example, eat a handful of almonds (versus the entire bag).

At Womens Fitness Clubs of Canada, you can pair your new healthy eating with a great workout to boost your metabolism, burn calories, build strength and lift your mood. With numerous group classes from which to choose, you’re sure to find something you’ll enjoy. Led by our certified trainers, our gym features group exercise classes like cardio training, HIIT (high intensity interval training), core training, dance, Yoga and more!

If you’re not sure where to begin, start with a personal trainer at one of our five gym locations. Your trainer will work alongside to guide you toward a fun and effective exercise routine.

Modify your munching to include healthy snacks, then combine healthy eating with regular exercise for a winning combination. Visit Womens Fitness Clubs of Canada and learn how today!