Time to HIIT the Gym in Thornhill!

Womens Fitness Clubs of Canada Thornhill (Promenade Mall) is committed to offering you the most fun and effective solutions for your weight loss, athletic training, and general health and wellness programs. That’s why we offer high intensity interval training (HIIT).

What is HIIT?

A HIIT workout consists of alternating intense bursts of exercise that get your heart racing, followed by slower paced rest periods.

For example, you might do three minutes of high-intensity spinning at our Thornhill gym — or another type of exercise that leaves you gasping for air – followed by one minute of slower-paced cycling that allows your heart rate and breathing to slow down. Then you do it all over again for a few more rounds.

Feel the burn

The benefits of HIIT are many and clinically proven. One of the most significant benefits is that HIIT promotes fat loss more effectively than other workouts. As a ladies’ only gym  where weight loss solutions are of primary concern to many members, we are confident that HIIT will help you meet your goals.

For a long time, exercise trends favored bike rides or jogs in the “fat burning” heart rate zone as an ideal method for slimming down. Now we know there’s a better way.

When you get your heart racing during HIIT at our gym in Thornhill, the quick burst of energy followed by a recovery time gets your muscles working, including your heart, to burn fat. The alternating nature of this workout keeps your heart rate and metabolism working long after you’ve stopped exercising. That means that just a short 15-minute HIIT workout will keep you burning fat for hours – even when you’re back at your desk or relaxing in front of the TV for the evening!

HIIT it anywhere

HIIT can be added to any cardio program, and we offer group training to help you learn from the best.  Our Thornhill fitness center also offers on-site childcare to make it even more convenient to squeeze in your intervals. Come in,  check us out — and see results!