Try taking a ‘coffee nap’. No, really.

Yes, you read this correctly. It might seem counterintuitive to drink coffee before taking a nap, but some research shows this habit might be a good way to boost energy levels. Drinking coffee before sleeping for a short period of time (15- 20 minutes) is thought to boost energy levels because of its effect on adenosine, a chemical that promotes sleep. Caffeine competes with adenosine for receptors in your brain. So, while caffeine doesn’t decrease adenosine in your body as sleep does, it prevents this substance from being received by your brain. Therefore, you feel less drowsy.

Most experts propose that the best way to take a coffee nap is to consume caffeine right before falling asleep for approximately 15–20 minutes. The time of day that someone takes a coffee nap may also be important. Some research indicates that it may be best to take coffee naps more than six hours before bedtime.

Most research suggests that about two cups of coffee, which is 200 mg of caffeine — is the approximate amount you need to feel more alert and energized upon waking. You may think that drinking coffee would prevent you from napping, but keep in mind that it takes some time until your body feels the effects of caffeine.