WFCC Kettlebell Challenge: Sunday, June 24!


We are very excited to announce that the WFCC will be hosting its 2nd Annual Womens Fitness Kettlebell Challenge at our Promenade location this Sunday, June 24th, at 2 PM!  Several of our members are participating, so please come out and support them as they strive to achieve their personal best in this tough endeavour. We’re so proud of them for working towards this goal.

If you’ve never seen a kettlebell, here’s the scoop: it’s a heavy weight that looks like a cannonball with a handle. Kettlebells deliver a vigorous workout that requires a lot of determination, and conditions your heart, lungs, and every muscle in your body like no other! 

This year’s events will include the Jerk, the Snatch, the Bottoms up Clean and Press, and the 1 Leg and 1 Arm Planks.  We had so much fun last year cheering on the ladies, watching the sweat and tears (just kidding… mostly!), checking out the awesome kettlebell demos. We were so inspired last year by the courage and determination of these amazing women, and we can’t wait to do it again! 

Do you want to try the Kettlebell Challenge, too? It’s not too late to participate! Contact Michele, Barbara, or Christine at Promenade for your registration and event guide information.

Can’t wait to see everyone on Sunday!