Why Group Fitness Classes Are Crucial For Your Fitness Routine

Outdoor "Insanity" class at WFCC Promenade!

Here at Women’s Fitness Clubs of Canada, we have an amazing variety of group fitness classes to help you reach your goals. We know that some of you are into hot yoga, and some of you are all about tabata. And that’s great! There are as many different fitness journeys as there are people on those journeys. But maybe you’ve avoided group fitness classes up until now. That’s okay: maybe you were intimidated, because you didn’t want to work out in front of all those other ladies. Or maybe you just couldn’t find room in your schedule. Or maybe the moves looked too tough. Those are all good excuses — but they’re not good arguments for hanging back.

Group fitness classes have a ton of benefits:

  • They get a teacher to push you to the next level – without the added expense of hiring a personal trainer. Keep in mind that “fitness instructor” does not equal “drill sergeant.” We have plenty of bootcamps if that’s what you want, but we also have gentle, friendly instructors who want the best for you in this stage of your journey. Some of them want to get you up and moving, while others want to help you relax and tune into yourself.
  • They introduce you to new friends. No, really. Even if you have lots of friends and a great network of support, there’s something special about knowing that your scheduled class will be full of other women who are making the same healthy, active choices that you are. They’ve made fitness a priority, and making that choice stick is easier with a group of like-minded ladies sweating right alongside you. So, don’t be afraid! Introduce yourself! Help other people find mats and weights. You’ll feel a lot less intimidated when you realize that everyone else is there for the same reasons that you are, and their bodies are just as likely to feel the burn as yours is.
  • They keep you on track. If you’re making your classes regularly, you’re more likely to reach your fitness goals faster. Think of fitness classes like any other class. If you don’t show up, how can you learn anything? Would you really get the value of a biology course if you never did the lab work? Of course not. As they say, half of life is showing up. What you get out of group fitness is proportional to what you put into it.
  • They teach you new forms of physical exercise in a safe environment. It’s easy to injure yourself while working out alone, either with a video or alone on the mat at the gym. But with a teacher there to correct your posture and form, you’re less likely to hyper-extend a muscle or strain yourself.

It’s okay to be a fitness introvert. But if you’ve never tried a group fitness class before, take a lesson from the back-to-school season and find yourself a course that really interests you. You will learn something new — and hopefully, that something will be something new about yourself and your abilities.