Having lubricated, mobile hamstrings allows the lower body joints to function optimally. When the muscles at the backs of the legs are tight, you may suffer with low back, knee and/ or foot pain. This can also cause the natural curvature in the lower back to flatten, increasing pain and instability in that area. Try using a strap wrapped around the bottom of your foot to stretch! Kick the foot towards the sky while laying on your back, aiming to straighten the leg. The knee can stay bent but keep the thigh at a 90 degree angle with the spine. Breathe in and press the foot up to the sky, breathe out melt the shoulders down into the ground. The oppose leg can be straight unless the low spine feels negative tension, then bend the knee. Hold the pose for 2 minutes long. When you release, do it slowly and notice how the leg you opened feels longer than the other! Then with the other leg. You will instantly feel the benefits of this pose! This pose shows up in many classes we offer so come play with some straps when we reopen!

Yoga Poses