Your Path to Healthy Holiday Eating

Even if you’ve established healthy eating habits, the holiday season is likely to derail your efforts to indulge in the goodness of fresh fruits and vegetables. With holiday dinners featuring nearly as many dessert options as a small bakery, temptation can win over common sense. Add a tasty selection of fancy breads, savory meats, delectable sauces, and rich gravies to the mix, and you have a nearly impossible challenge to master.

Here at Womens Fitness Clubs of Canada in Burlington, we recognize the difficulty of getting through the holiday season without gaining a few unwanted pounds, and so we offer nutritional counselors and personal trainers to help you manage the task of maintaining your weight and fitness. Need a few suggestions to get you started?

Find Guidance
Finding nutritional information to help you make wise choices – during the holidays and throughout the year – is a great place to start. Nutritional counseling will help you identify options and lifestyle changes to help keep your health and fitness in sight. Nutritional counseling will demonstrate how to read labels, too, so you’ll make healthier choices in the grocery store – and develop meal plans that will keep you fueled throughout each day.

Personal training will also help you realize – and attain – your fitness and weight loss goals. A personal trainer gives you the individual attention you need to find the right exercise, intensity, and duration to help you shed those unwanted holiday pounds.

Try New Recipes
When you are eating at home, try a few new recipes along with vegetables and spices you haven’t tried yet. Creating variety in the foods you eat is one of the best ways to keep you on track with your nutritional goals. When you get bored eating, you may reach for comfort foods filled with empty calories.

Our gym in Burlington provides nutritional counseling that focuses on the benefits of eating healthy to maintain your energy level as well as your weight. Give your body what it needs by fueling it with nutritional foods that are low in calories, while also making sure that you get the right amount and kind of exercise for your age and physical condition.

There’s no reason not to enjoy the holidays! Understanding how the food you put into your body affects not only your weight, but also your energy levels and overall wellness, will help. Add in a personalized exercise plan, and you have the perfect recipe for holiday health.

Come see us at our Burlington gym. 2017 is right around the corner!