A Lifetime of Yoga

If you’ve never tried it for yourself, you probably at least have one friend who practises yoga. One of them may even be one of those practitioners who claims that yoga can cure just about everything that ails you. While that in itself isn’t true, yoga does hold a ton of health benefits for people of all ages – and we have plenty of opportunity here at WFCC to get those benefits by practicing yoga with our experienced instructors! You can find out about all of our yoga classes here.

During adolescence, teenagers have a lot to deal with: hormonal changes, forming identity and values, deciding where to start an academic or career path, choosing where and with whom to start living as adults, and starting (or ending) their first romantic relationships. On top of this, there’s homework, lacklustre retail jobs, and the pressure to fit into social groups. But yoga can make a difference:

The training helped 19-year-old Chloe Friedland get through all sorts of common teenage obstacles. Friedland, who was introduced to yoga at age 15, credits her practice with helping her cope with an eating disorder, and gave her the support she needed to stop abusing drugs and get out of an unhealthy relationship.

Yoga is also beneficial to expectant and new mothers, who benefit from increased flexibility as they carry increasing weight, and who will need the benefit of better lung capacity later on during labour. Since pre-natal and post-natal yoga classes are very popular, it’s also a good opportunity to meet other mothers in your area and build networks of support.

Menopausal and older women can also obtain health benefits from yoga. Yoga is great for older people, because it can help develop the muscles that support joints prone to arthritis. It also promotes good circulation, which is helpful for people at increased risk of stroke.

If you’re curious about our yoga classes, you can find them here. We hope to see you soon!